Why get vaccinated?

Immunisation is a way of protecting against serious diseases. Once we’ve been immunised, our bodies are better able to fight these diseases if we come into contact with them. You’ll be offered different routine vaccinations at different times, depending on your age and circumstances.

Specific information can be found at this NHS Inform link.

Vaccinations are no longer given by the practice and instead are managed by an NHS Lothian vaccination team. This includes all flu, shingles, pneumonia and COVID-19 vaccines. You will be sent a letter to be invited for any appropriate vaccines when it is your time. It is therefore important that you inform us of any change of address as soon as possible.

What to do if you miss your vaccination

If you were unable to attend your vaccination appointment, please contact the number on your invitation letter.

If you have lost your invitation letter, did not receive an invitation, or missed a routine vaccination, you can get in touch with the NHS Lothian team using the telephone number below. They’ll be able to advise if it’s clinically appropriate for you to receive the vaccination, and arrange an appointment for you.

Telephone: 0300 790 6296
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am-4pm

Further information about NHS Lothian Vaccinations is found here.

The National Vaccination Helpline number is 0800 030 8013.