Who Should I See?

Who is the most appropriate professional for your care?

Please consider who is the best professional to deal with your problem before calling the practice. Our Care Coordinators will ask you some questions about your problem so that they may suggest you see the pharmacist, dentist, optician or other health care professional if they can deal with your problem better than the doctor, to make sure you get to see the right person, at the right time, in the right place.

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A range of common illnesses such as cold and flu and minor injuries can be treated at home simply by combining a well-stocked medicine cabinet with plenty of rest. Many patients attend with conditions that would get better with self-care. 

Examples of ailments best treated yourself:

  • Upset stomach
  • Grazed knee
  • Common cold
  • Sore throat
  • Headache
  • Colds & Flu

There is a wide variety of helpful Self Care information and resources which could help you to treat your illness without the need for an appointment:


Pharmacy First

Pharmacy First is a new national initiative launched on 29 July 2020 which replaces the current Minor Ailment Scheme.

What is NHS Pharmacy First Scotland?

  • NHS Pharmacy First Scotland is an NHS service provided by your local community pharmacy.
  • If you have a minor illness, a pharmacy is the first place you should go for advice.
  • You do not usually need an appointment and you can go to any pharmacy.
  • Your pharmacist can give you advice for a minor illness, and medicine if they think you need it.

Who is the service for?

You can use NHS Pharmacy First Scotland if you are registered with a GP practice in Scotland or you live in Scotland. Speak to the pharmacy team if you need further details.

The treatment for most common conditions is about doing the right things for yourself. However, if medication is needed then the pharmacist will make the appropriate recommendation, which will be free of charge under Pharmacy First.

Also, remember that many pharmacies are open at evenings and weekends.

How does the service work?

  • You can choose which pharmacy to use, normally without making an appointment.
  • The pharmacist (or one of their team) will ask you for some information, including your name, date of birth, and postcode.
  • If you want a specific medicine or product you may need to buy it. The pharmacist will give you advice on this.
  • If the pharmacist thinks it is better for you to see your GP, they may refer you directly or tell you to make an appointment.
  • The pharmacist will set up a Patient Medication Record (PMR) to make a note of any advice and treatment they give you.
  • You can ask to use the pharmacy’s consultation area or room if you want to speak to the pharmacist in private.

A pharmacist can give you advice and treatment (if you need it) for minor illnesses as listed below.

AcneHead Lice
AllergiesHaemorrhoids (piles)
Athlete’s footHay fever
Blocked or runny noseIndigestion
Cold soresMouth ulcers
CoughPeriod pain
Cystitis/UTI (in women)Sore throat

Sore back, sore shoulder or sore knee? The physiotherapy website has lots of information about common conditions and exercises. If you need to speak to someone about a musculoskeletal problem our practice based physiotherapist may be the best person. Please call the practice on 0131 322 2111 and discuss with a care coordinator.

Alternatively, you can self refer to physiotherapy for routine problems without contacting a GP. Please complete the self-referral form below and send to the address on the form and you will be contacted and offered an appointment in due course.

Dental problems
Dentist with patient

For dental emergencies, such as acute dental pain, facial or oral swelling, trauma or bleeding from the mouth, call the dentist with whom you are registered. You should receive a recorded message advising you of the arrangements that have been made for emergency cover. If you have not registered with a dentist, please try to do so as soon as possible. Dentist’s can perform an appropriate assessment and advise on necessary intervention including use of any antibiotics.

Advice and information on accessing emergency dental care is available here.

Receiving NHS dental treatment in Scotland

Eye problems
Optician with patient

Community Optician

Whatever your eye problem your first port of call should be an Optometrist. An Optometrist is the best person to assess urgent eye problems, check for eye disorders and treat eye conditions. They have the professional training and necessary equipment to assess most eye problems.

Opticians can also refer patients to Hospital if and when appropriate.

Find a local Optician in your area (once you are linked to the NHS Inform page, select your local Health Board or local Authority to find an Optician near you).

Self-help guide: Eye problems

Find out more about your eye problems, when you can use self-care, and what to do if your condition worsens and you need medical help

If your optician is closed and you can’t wait until it reopens call NHS24 on 111.

If you sustain an eye injury that requires immediate emergency treatment go to your nearest Accident and Emergency.

Feeling low, anxious or stressed?

Please go to our Mental Wellbeing pages on this website for lots of help and advice.

Need help with Social Care?
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There are lots of services which offer help and support to improve your quality of life and allow you to continue to live in your own home. For example, if you are elderly or disabled, have a long-term health condition or are unwell. However, it can sometimes be confusing to try to work out what help is available and who offers what services.

Minor Injuries

Call MIA

Call MIA is an online video consultation service for patients aged 8 years and over who have an injury less than 5 days old. It is carried out by a qualified Nurse Practitioner who can provide advice in minutes on injuries including:

· strains, sprains and suspected broken bones of arms and legs

· wounds and minor burns

· minor bumps to head and face

· simple eye injuries

· insect bites and stings

A lot of minor injuries can be treated from the comfort of your own home or with the help of a local pharmacist. If you do need to be examined in person, Call MIA will arrange a suitable appointment at a minor injuries service so you don’t need to wait when you attend.

To arrange an appointment call 111 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

For more information about Call MIA